batch editing audio

i don’t know if other people come across this problem because in all my searching for a solution i cant find any mention on this forum or the rest of the web, but maybe someone here can suggest a solution.

is there a quick way to bounce a lot of individual events in one hit, so they end up as individual events still, rather than one massive audio part?

i would also really like to be able to normalise each one as well, but if i select several events and press normalise, they all have the same gain change applied to them, which is not what i want.

is this kind of thing possible in cubase? the manual seems to just give a basic overview of these kind of functions so it’s hard to know


Batch export. See the top of the export window.
You will have to normalise each track separately.

thanks for your reply :slight_smile: thats not really what i was getting at though, batch export is for bouncing whole tracks without mixing them down, whereas i’m trying to bounce individual events without turning them back into one long audio file.

Perhaps you could explain more clearly what you intend to do. Bouncing events within the project to individual tracks again within the project?

thanks for sticking with me, i’ll try and explain myself a bit better!
i’ve made some fairly long (30 minutes+) recordings and then chopped them up into hundreds of small audio events. i want to turn each of those events into a new audio file, preferably all at the same loudness.

the problem im having is when i tried selecting them all and normalising, it applied the same gain change to them all, and when i tried selecting them all and bouncing, it turned them into one huge audio part.

the simple way to achieve what im trying to achieve would be to go through them all one by one, normalising and then bouncing - normalising and then bouncing - normalising and then bouncing, but with so many of them that would take days, and my carpal tunnels are aching just thinking about it!

i guess cubase is a tool for making music, not editing and batch processing, so it’s fair enough if this can’t be done, but if it can then i’d really like to find out how!

Hi all

Would it be possible to set up a macro to do this using “next event” and “process” Key commands?

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Thanks for the suggestion dave, i’ve set up a macro and it’s made the process much quicker!