Batch editing options for the Cycle Marker lists

I’m using The Cycle Markers all the time. All the time. They’re my planning tool, my logistics tool, they form the whole logic to each of my game sound design session. Because of my file naming system, I often need to change or add parts to the Cycle Marker titles that get automatically exported to the actual output file names. That way I can instantly see how many iterations - versions - I’ve done of the effects in the project for example.

So, what I would love is to be able to “Find and Replace” the Cycle Marker list - say, if I want to change 20 Cycle Markers that are called “PlayerCharacter_SuitMove_run_v1_var01”, “_…var02” etc. to a new version pass. Right now I have to manually open and change every single Marker’s title field because there isn’t any batch functions available. What I want to do is to, in this case, “Find” all the “v1” parts in the session marker titles and “Replace” those with “v2”.
Also changing a game character’s, weapon’s or enemy’s name happens all the time, so Finding and Replacing parts of the Marker titles would help with that as well.

You can do this already in the current Nuendo Version by using the Project Logical Editor.

Wow, I had no idea you could do that! :smiley: I’ve been silly. Thank you so much for the tip!