Batch Export Bug? "One or more jobs were skipped because channels or cycle markers..."

I’ve imported a bunch of stereo files to a session for a quick “mastering” job, and would like to now export all of them individually at once with the Cubase 11 batch queue export function. Each track is a different length, so in order to account for this, I created a cycle marker at the appropriate length for each one. I then selected each track and its corresponding cycle marker, and added them to the queue, one by one.

However, when I hit the “Start Queue Export” button, I get the following error: “One or more jobs were skipped because channels or cycle markers could not be found” and when I looked, I found that Cubase had only exported one file (the last one I had put into the queue).

Did I miss something? I’d think this would work…


Could you attach screenshots of two jobs, you stored, please?

Yes, of course. See below.

same problem here. I also dont get it. why Is Nuendo not recognizing the cycle markers when they are clearly there?