Batch export by MIDI track

There may not be a way to do this, but there are folks here a lot more clever than I, so I thought I’d ask.

I use EZ Drummer for songwriting sketches, but in the mix I like to have full audio control over each drum / cymbal in the kit. I split the MIDI track into its individual notes, which allows me to then have a MIDI track for each piece. To render, I mute all but one MIDI track and then export the output of the EZ Drummer plugin. Repeat a dozen times or so, and I have my full kit with individual audio tracks, much like I’d have tracking a live drummer.

I enjoy the new batch export feature and the flexible naming convention. However, batch export operates on an audio source, i.e. the plugin rather than the MIDI tracks feeding it. What I’d like to do is come up with a similar one button type approach so that I could say in essence, “Export all the midi tracks pointing to the EZ Drummer plugin and create one audio track for each.”

I haven’t delved into macro programming or any of those deeper features. Before I go down that rabbit hole I thought I’d ask to see if anyone else has done something similar to what I’m looking for and / or to find out if the macro engine etc. has the capability to even do such a thing.

Anyone have thoughts on how this might be accomplished?

I know that Superior drummer has this option but I believe you can also set up EZ drummer so that every midi track has it’s own separate audio output? Once you’ve done this and routed the midi channels to these you can simply use Render in Place to create separate audio files for each track in one go.

I had forgotten all about feature. The kit piece channels include kick, snare, hat, toms and overheads, as well as the other ambient mics. In a perfect world (probably because I’m a control freak) I’d have an output for each individual tom but since this is just arrangement stuff anyway the tom group is fine.

Using this approach allows me to do what I wanted to do, which is individual eq, processing, etc., and it does so without my having to split up the midi into individual tracks so it’s extremely easy to work with.

Thanks for the help, man. Much appreciated.