Batch Export channels goin to Single Group and retain FX

Hi there,

There are probably a ton of work arounds that would lead me to this goal, but mostly I want to know if it is possible to Batch Export lets say 5 different Mono audio channels with no FX or sends only panning, that are being sent to a group which has all of my FX and Sends.

If I was to batch export these channels on their own, they would be exported completely dry. Is there way I can batch export so that each individual channel goes through the group it is routed too with the FX on but still retain channel separation?

I could render the complete channel path and then batch export all of those of course, but I’d like to not create new files, take up storage and cause more clutter in my sessions. And bouncing out each soloed channel (and therefore the group) takes up an incredible amount time.

Thanks for any suggestions/tips!


Render the complete Channel Path. Then you have the files available already. You don’t have to export them again.