Batch export - Cubase elements 8

Hi all

First post here.

I want to export multiple files (bass/sax/kick/overheads) but I can’t. When I set locators and go to export I have no Batch Export option in the Channel Selection box. The only choice there is Output Channels - Stereo Out. i.e. I can only export the song in stereo.

I have searched for an answer but everyone seems to have the Batch Export option except me.

Any solution?

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see workflow


Hi and thanks for your reply. I checked the link. So it means I can’t do with with Elements 8? I need an upgrade?

That´s without a doubt what it means.

The answer I did not want to hear :slight_smile: But thanks, at least now I know!

So us it possible to upgrade at a cheaper price or do I need to pay full price for eg Cubase Artist ?

Just sayin´- you won´t get it with Artist either. The upgrade prices can be found for example in the Steinberg shop on

Sorry, I thought the workflow specs were the same for pro and artist versions. Thanks for your help!

You could ask nice and send your project to a willing member who has the full version that might export the tracks as you need. Just sayin. It would likely be a one time deal but it could happen…

Though unless you upgrade, you will need to do each track individually. Your priorities and budget will determine what is best for you. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your advice jimmy. You mean if I send the .cpr file to someone they can do it? I might know someone who can do that but I didn’t think it was possible. Sorry I’m a bit of a newbie!! :slight_smile:

If there is audio involved, sending only the *.cpr file won´t do it.

Hi Jimmy. I decided I’ll try bouncing track by track for now. For future reference, how can I send my project to someone else if .cpr won’t work on another pc?

You would need to send the ‘entire’ folder. It will contain an Audio and Images folders within it as well as the .cpr file.

Sorry for going on about it :slight_smile: but if the .cpr file won’t do it then how is it possible for someone else to work on a project? Thanks.