Batch Export // FX Sends // WHY O WHY?!?!

I do not believe that MEAP is the only way to fix my problem. We can travel to the moon and back, so why can’'t we:


I have a lot of projects with tracks that go to one or more fx sends.
So when i want to mix down the tracks for mixing, i don’t want my fx tracks containing the fx for all the tracks; i want the opposite: each individual track should include it’s fx send material.

I tried solo defeat, doesn’t work.
Am i missing something, besides MEAP?

Thanks all. Looking forward to suggestions, this is driving me pretty mad by now.

Set up your groups so that each signal path contains only the FX that you want. Yes, it will require more instances of reverb channels etc. but you will be able to do what you want without using MEAP. I do this all the time and it’s pretty painless.


Groups you say ?? instead of FX channels ??

this is a little annoyance of mine aswell… i did come across a method to work around it took a while…

Thanks for the idea, but it’s not practical at all. When i use 30 tracks and they all have diferent fx send values, i will not open 30 instances of reverb. My PC can handle it, but it’s just a huge pain in the ***.

I’ll put in a feature request. Cause this shouldn’t be too hard. If MEAP can do it, the astronauts at Steinberg schould be able to figure it out too i guess.

Sorry, I don’t quite understand. I thought you were talking about creating stems for delivery. Why would you have 30 of these? Am I being thick?


You are right, i’m talking about the stems. However, in for example a dance music production, i might have 30 or 40 tracks which all make use of several sends (delay, reverb, other fx). However, they all have unique FX send levels.

In other words, while in other productions you might have 10 vocals sharing the same settings (and they all go in 1 stem), in other productions you might end up with a multitude of tracks which absolutely HAVE to include their unique fx sends effects. So basically, no stems at all. Just individual tracks. Especially in the electronic music i produce, there aren’t your basic busses like drums, guitars, bass, vocals, etc. You’d have to create groups for every individual sound, because most sounds don’t really “share” a frequency\function\type\etc.

Adding to the confusion is that in a typical situation a mix engineer would get the tracks dry. So that makes it a little weird that i want to include the fx sends in every sound. Truth is, especially in dance music, effects define a sound more that it does in for example a rock production. So in my case i find it very important to give the mix engineer my sounds with the fx sends included in the bounce of the track.

Right now the only way for me to do this, is bounce each track individually. It takes ages.

Does this makes sense now? :confused:
Thanks! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, it does make sense. I was wondering why you would print everything before giving it to someone to mix, but I understand now. FWIW I don’t give anything like this to a mix engineer; I make them mix it in my studio in my template, which is why I don’t run into the same problems as you do.

So, the short answer is MEAP, I’m afraid. Until SB decides to accept your feature request. Not that it’s any consolation, but I don’t think any sequencer has this feature.


Hi, did you ever resolve this issue?

This problem makes my work much longer and could really do with this!


Can I bump this feature request please? A simple ‘include FX sends’ check box would be a huge time saver in the batch export section. I am pretty sure at least one ‘other sequencer’ can do this (Studio 1). Thanks.


would be great if this was a export feature so my send fx were included in the group batch exports

+1 it’s really strange why that small checkbox is not there…

this would be a great feature to add and surely simple to implement? I hope the clever people at Steinberg are listening