Batch Export incl. Routing & FX - Why is it still missing in C9.5?



I hear you and totaly agree with you.

It is abit silly the whole thing actualy.

There are some big issues with how this works.

Cubase have two mixers. Thats vst mixer wich is where most of us do all oure work. And then it is the mixer. Wich some of us use more actively then others.

But first thing that is wrong with this channel batch export, is the fact that you cant just select to ignor the mixer and just export from the vst mixer.

Second thing is that you cant select the channel export to give each channel a uniqe number infront of the name.

Third thing is that if you like me, do use the mixer outputs insted of selecting tracks from the vst mixer. You are even forced to have the mixer channels names be used instead of the names you have given the tracks in the vst mixer.

This stuff just makes the whole channel batch export a huge manual edit workflow.

But anyways this is the only workaround I know of.

I have 32 outputs, wich is setup to be 26 mono outputs or 16 stereo outputs. Wich I can mix and match. Depending on how many outputs you have, You can channel batch export in bulks.

At the start of the project, make shure to take use of the track send option. Here you can set up a alternative output for the tracks. Wich is just a klick away when you want to export.

So when you are ready for the export, just enable the alternative mixer outputs you have setup as sends and choose the mixer outputs you have routed the sends too, instead of the vst mixer channels, wich are forced to go through what ever channel you have routed/selected as “main out” on the mixer.

Now you can have mono channels for your mono tracks and stereo channels for your stereo tracks. It just takes a bit of outputs setup in the routing menu. Only downside now, is that if you dont have that many outputs, you will need to export in bulks with what you have, so you dont mix channels from the vst mixer. On the other hand if you want to mix say fx tracks in to source tracks, you can do this with ease now. You will have to edit the names on the exported channels. But that is a 3-5 min job on 30 tracks, in the file explorer. Doing solo and track by track is way more time consuming. Atleast for me it is.

Maby worth a try. If you havent tested out that workflow and have some channel sends to spare.


I used MEAP until I moved to Mac - it worked really well.