Batch Export Issue

Hi guys im having an issue when batch exporting on Cubase 8. Whenever I batch export my project (Stereo out,group channels etc), it is as if the Fx/plugins I have on each channel do not export with the project(sound wise on the wav, it is as if there was never any processes done to each sound), does anybody know how to fix this? Would be greatly appreciated



Are these plug-is an Insert effects directly on that Channels? Or are they in the dedicated FX Channel or on the Stereo Out Channel?

Hi thanks for the quick reply! Each individual channels have Fx/Plugins on them aswell as are routed to a group channel with more fx (Percussion,Bass,Pads,etc)


Do you export in real-time or offline?

Isn’t the Monitor button enabled on the Channel, you are exporting?

I export in offline, Should I be exporting in Real Time? Also the little monitor signal on all channels is not highlighted . Thanks


Offline export is OK.

What is your Preferences > VST > Auto Monitoring setup? Is it set to Manual?

I just tried this (Cubase 8.5.20) and it works as expected. All Insert effects of THE track, are applied. Of course, Insert effects of the Group are not applied to the source Audio track, if I export the Audio track. But this is expected behavior.

Could you try to Safe Start Mode? Just make sure, some preferences don’t affect it…