Batch Export & Multitrack Editing Question

I read in the Automated Batch Export

“Nuendo’s Channel Batch Export function offers the possibility to create audio files from all channels or freely selected groups of a project in one go.”

This sounds like more options how to group tracks into exported audio, kind of the Render Matrix in Reaper where I csn choose what what tracks should be active for what cycle markers when exporting. Has something changed here in N8, was this feature updated?

And regarding Multitrack Editing
Is it possible not only to chop multi-track recordings up, but also to select multiple “multitracks” and export them as if it’s a single audio item? Basically I’d like to tell Nuendo to export multiple multitracks, one downmix per multitrack, based on cycle markers. Kind of what Reaper has with its Render Matrix, but more powerful. Select what multitrack is to be rendered for each cycle marker, that would be great for sound effects exporting, where you have multiple tracks per “sound”. Has anything changed here in N8? What’s new?