Batch export, Pre fader

This is probably an easy one, but I can´t seem to find the answer.
I need to export stems to a co-worker, and it needs to be with the fader set to zero. In stead of setting every fader to zero in 26 projects (and then reverting them to a workable mix for my work further down the line) I am trying to export every track, pre fader (and pan). Is it possible?


In the Export Audio Mixdown, set the Channel Settings to Multi and then the Effects option to Dry to get the most dry signal. But I’m afraid this one is after fader too.

Thanx, Martin! That’s one important step, anyway.

What you could do to speed up the process:
Select “reset mix console channels” from the mixer functions menu (or use quicklink, select all channels use ctrl-click to set fader and pan to the default values) and then export the stems, but after that do not save the project. If you want to be carefull you could save the project under a different name beforehand, or just do a MixConsole snapshot that you can revert to (not sure about what happens if you already have automation, though)?

To be sure you dont overwrite any settings, just copy your project file before opening it, then create a macro, which disables all Read buttons, all plugins and all sends on all channels and which sets the volume to 0. And then multi export. After you’re done, delete the new project file and keep working on the original one.
I think I’d do it that way :thinking:

Thanx, Tj99.
Sounds like a workable workaround!

Glad I could help! I just could not find a way to set all faders to 0. There is no key command or PLE setting I have seen, so thats the only thing…
Perhaps anybody else has an idea?

See my post above, “reset MixConsole channels” is your friend. If you have automation, you need to deactivate that first.
I don’t think there is a key command for it, but all in all it is four clicks for deactivating read automation and reset all channels and everything is at default….

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