Batch Export Question about stems


I´ve searched for an answer to this question but can´t find an answer, I´m saying this incase anyone says thats a stupid question!

My question is how can I export stems and still retain the effects i have set on the master buss or do i have to have my waves s1 and waves l2 on the master buss save the settings and replicate the effects with the same settings on all the stem busses?

I´m obviously trying to export all the stems and wanting them to sound the same as the master track when a music sup gets all the stems into an editor.

Sorry if this makes little sense I´ll no doubt edit or try and be clearer if it not clear!


Hi and welcome,

The stems will obviously not sound the very same, as in the full mix. Wave L2 is a limiter which reacts to the whole mixed signal, if it sits on the Stereo Out and the whole mix is playing back. If you would play only one track, it would act different.

You could side chain all the stems to each instance of the limiter.

Many thanks Martin. I never thought about the L2 affecting everything. And thanks Manlke - thats a great idea.

Thanks guys a lot.