Batch export question


I have 50 tracks whith speech that I want to have the exact same processing on each and every track. My DAW does not allow so many plugins (5x50)

So I export one track at the time with the processing plugins on the masterbus, this is very time consuming…

Question: Is there a way to export all tracks as a batch, separated, but with the same plugin processing at all the tracks?
I tried to use a group for all tracks where I had the processing but, of course, That gave me one audiotrack and one grouptrack separated…

Anyone who has an idea I would be grateful.


The first thing you could do is to take each track and stagger them so that no two tracks play back speech at the same time;

Track 1: blablabla__________________
Track 2:blablabla______
Track 3:_____blablabla

Create a cycle marker around each and then when you do your batch export select all 50 cycle markers. That way you only get one chunk of speech going through the master at any given time, and you get all 50 exported in one go, and the names of the files can be setup according to cycle marker or whatever… and they all get the same processing.

The other way would be to use some other type of offline export, like DOP in Nuendo 8 if you can setup the same plugin chain, or “Render In Place”.

You would have to read up on those and make sure you get what you need from either option. I’m guessing “RiP” is probably the better option. I suppose one thing that may make a difference is if you have level automation going on, since I’m assuming DOP takes place pre-fader, and maybe RiP is post.

I do this all the time when exporting audiobook chapters, which are originally edited on different tracks…basically the same as what Mattias is describing, but maybe a little simpler:

Make an “export audio” track routed through the FX, go to the pool and grab all of the desired files, drag them to the export audio track, choose “all files to one track” when the alert comes up, and then make a cycle marker for each clip.

Fredo gave me a great simple macro for quick creating and naming cycle markers which speeds this process a great deal:

Navigate - Right
Transport -Locators to Selection
Marker - Insert and name Cycle Marker


Thanks for your effort! Mattias and Chewy, this is an audiobook, I have to read about cyclemarkers, I do not totally understand what Chewy is saying… I am not at my DAW just now… I will be back when tried your suggestions.

Chewy and I are saying roughly the same thing. In his example you are pulling files from the pool and placing them on one track and the files are laid out in sequence, one after another. In my example the files live on separate tracks, but are still laid out in sequence, one after another. In both cases you could use cycle markers.

A “regular” marker just indicates a point in the timeline. A “cycle” marker indicates a starting point and an end point on the timeline. When you do a batch export your cycle makers will show up with their respective names in the export dialog window, and there’s as box next to each. If you check a box that cycle marker will be the range for the export. If you check several they will all be different individual exports of those ranges.

You can then tell Nuendo to label your exports using those names. So you could choose for example [project name]+[cycle marker], and you can call the project “Audiobook 1” and your first cycle marker could be called “Chapter 1”. If you select that cycle marker with that name you would get a file called “Audiobook 1 - Chapter 1”. If you had 50 chapters all with a cycle marker each you’d see in your destination folder;

“Audiobook 1 - Chapter 1”
“Audiobook 1 - Chapter 2”
“Audiobook 1 - Chapter 3”
“Audiobook 1 - Chapter 4”
“Audiobook 1 - Chapter 50”

There’s a key command for making a selection range the same as your selected events. And then there’s a key command for making your selection range into a cycle marker. So you can create a macro, or just hit two keys, and it’ll be quick to do this. Select your events for the chapter, press a key to create a timeline selection, press a key to create a cycle marker… then name the marker. Done.

Very much what Mattias said.

I use one track for a couple of reasons primarily to save space, and also because I’m pretty sure the cycle marker-making macro only works with contiguous files. That macro has saved me many hours of work over the past few years.


I agree.

Just to be clear: I mentioned several tracks just in case you have volume automation or other automation already on several tracks. In that case it’s easier to do what I said (I think). If you only have to export “raw” files through your insert effects then I think what Chewy said is easier.

Jesus thanks guys! Yes my question was how to get same FX on every track but export them in one go as separate files and if this is the answer Ill do as you says. Those cyclemarkers is a totally new thing for me I have read the manual now but did not have time to go to the studio today so I will try this out tomorrow…
Regarding Chewys thing, to move files from pool… I have several hours of speech that I have edited with over 1000 cuts… I do not have a finished file to move,I mean before I have rendered or exported all those clips I do not have a finished file to move for export… Thats what I dont get ?
. BUT I will tomorrow try to…Put the chapters one after another, make cyclemarkers round every chapter and export through masterbus where I have the FX…

I see what you are saying. I bounce the chapters to disk and put them into their own “finished chapters” folder in the pool, listed by number. If you want to save your edits, you can make a new track version before consolidating… but in a long project with thousands of edits that can really bog Nuendo down (I wish they’d address this). You can also make a track archive (which is what I do when I think I might be coming back to the originals). Then I “remove unused files” from the pool, trash them, and save. Really speeds things up.


Ok! Thanks again Chewy, You seems to have tried a lot of ways to get things to work…


That is for sure. Audiobooks, with all of their edits, really test some areas of Nuendo to their extremes. I’m always looking for ways to speed things up. There have been improvements along the way (the new file-naming scheme in N8 makes a big difference, for example), but I would love for Steinberg to pay a little more attention to areas that would streamline this production process.

This would include updating the “change file name” module to something more versatile. Same with Workspaces, which have actually gone backwards since N6. And, to elaborate on what I mentioned earlier, I really wish they would find a way to keep Nuendo from slowing down or taking forever to save in a session with thousands of edits and DOP processes.

Despite these annoyances, I actually love working with Nuendo; I’ve used most of what’s out there in various contexts, and it’s still my fave.


Thanks Chewy, I agree…