Batch Export SOLVED

Hi, I am tracking out some projects so I’m doing quite a bit of batch exporting. Is there a way to batch export without Cubase adding all that extra information to the track name? Ex. I just want my track to say the track name “back vox L” instead of “song name-audio-#-track name-etc.”. If this is not possible, what are some tips that some of the seasoned people are using to make importing of the batch exported tracks a bit easier to organize. Thanks :slight_smile:

Maybe you have some setting enabled that’s causing this. I just looked at all my audio batch exports and they are all labled exactly as I intended.

Thanks Suprawill1 for the reply. I just learned about “Naming Scheme” it’s under “Path” in the export menu. Not at the DAW right now but I believe this is the setting that needs adjustment :sunglasses:

PS. Adjusting the “Naming Scheme” is the solution