Batch Export to original wav lengths?

Just another one for the day…

Is there a way to Batch Export to the original wav lengths? I have over 700 wavs all with various lengths… would be a nightmare having to highlight each one and bounce separately.

Thanks in advance.



I know it’s not Wavelab but would be great if it was a feature.

as far as i know its not possible with cubase, maybe possible with writing a macro for it, not sure.
there was a utility program called “Meap” try to find it on the net, i think it can do this, not sure if it works with C7 though.

Yes it says Meap is compatible with Cubase 7 and looks like it’s updated quite regularly:

Cubase 7.x (Windows: 32 & 64 bit)

Will give it a go thanks for the heads up Mozizo.


I used Meap to bounce 700 odd audio files of various lengths, and it works a treat for anyone needing this. I was debating the $74 price tag but now am pleased as I have another 4 batches of 700 to come. I did have a couple of small hiccups when it stopped over night due to something that I’m sure was not at fault, though I could be wrong.

Thanks again Mozizo for the heads up.

glad i could help… :wink:
indeed for those whose typical work involved with many export for various lengths or by marker etc… its worth have.