batch export with send fx?

I have some drum sounds on separate audio tracks which I would like to affect with the same effect. Obviously this is achieved via either a group channel or sends to an FX track.

However, I would like to use channel batch export to export all of these drum sounds individually WITH the FX applied. Is this possible?

Using channel batch export I can only export the individual sounds in their original state and one ‘FX’ track consisting of all the effected version, but obviously only on one track.

any advise appreciated :smiley:

Not sure that would be possible. I would really just solo the relevant tracks and export them as needed. Of course, depending on what FX you’re using theres the issue that it wont sound quite the same as you dont have all the tracks interacting with the FX at the same (especially relevant for compression). Cant really see any way around it. Maybe someone else can?

Yeah I’m basically building a drum library. 84 tracks. don’t really want have to repeat the process for each track if I can help it as I’m sure you’d imagine

Hi you,

well… as already being stated: Since the fx-channel (or group channel) is used for summing you will on some types of effects NOT CREATE THE SAME SOUND-RESULT if you simply apply the effects to the individual drum-channels one by one.

IMHO Cubase does here simply what it has to do: A sum is a sum and not intended to be used in a “one after the other” mode. If you intend the “one after the other” mode, then inserting the effects on the indiviudal tracks or creating one separate effect channel per drum channel would be the way to go.

BTW… i definitely would do it this way, because doing the manual export with trackwise soloing is much more effort.

Cheers and good luck!


thanks for the responses. here’s another quickie.

If I have multiple tracks, how can I set all of their outputs to a group channel simultaneously? I have tried shift-select and ctrl-select and then selecting the group on one of the channel outputs but (probably as expected) it only changes that single channels output.

I’m sure I read of a way to do this! :confused:

Sft + Alt