batch export

I need to export tracks for someone else to mix. Is there a way to export many tracks at once as opposed to individually? Also, how can I record the click? I don’t want to make my own click track with a high hat sound or rim click. I want to record the metronome.

Batch export of individual tracks is exclusive to Cubase Pro. The option to do that can be found in the Audio Mixdown window. Click “Channel Batch Export” to the top left.

Rendering the click track/metronome was added in Cubase 9.5, along with several other big improvements in this area:

In previous versions, this was only possible using slower workarounds like using a drum sampler such as Groove Agent SE. Rendering the click track/metronome in Cubase 9.5 just requires a single click and automatically follows tempo and time signature changes.

Thanks for you help a few weeks ago. Thinking about upgrading from Cubase 8.5 to 9.5. I rarely work with a video track but need to right now. Sometimes the video freezes and other times fine. Any suggestions? Is working with video any better in 9.5? Also a few other questions about 9.5?

  1. I live in score editor. When I open a midi track in score editor the record enable automatically comes on. I don’t want this to happen. This has always happened as far back as Nuendo 3 and they refuse to address it. Do you know if this happens in cubase 9.5?
    2 Can Score Editor be “Always on Top”?
  2. Can the Mixer be “Always on Top”?