Batch export?

:question: Is the batch track export function available in Cubase Artist 10?


No, you cannot export multiple channels at once in Cubase Artist.

This should absolutely be included.

Yes, all features of Cubase Pro should be included in artist, just not the price…

Sorry, but that’s not at all what I’m saying. This is a basic function. It’s perhaps even more likely to be needed by a musician who is not a pro and needs a pro to mix his/her tracks.

No, but that´s what I found comes out, when you take all the different features that different People on the forums think are a “basic function” to them.
The “basic function” (IMHO) is, to be able to Export your tracks, which any Cubase version can do.

Again, this is the one feature that could be more useful to an amateur than a pro.