Batch export

Can anyone help with this. I have two issues with batch export in Cubase 5.

  1. Even though I have 23 tracks from 6 VST’s in use, I am ending up with only 6 audio tracks. (When I export I don’t have the 23 tracks to choose from in the export screen, only the 6 VST Tracks).

  2. The exported audio project is playing back at a faster speed.

Workstation is a PC.


  1. Don’ t understand what you mean with that. usually all tracks from th projectvare available as export, if they contain audio in any way.
  2. Export / import in the appropriate samplerate.

We are talking about 23 audio tracks? Not Audio and MIDI?

Sorry for the confusion. These tracks are all vsti tracks, no audio. I was thinking I could batch export all of them to separate audio tracks, similarly to when I mix the entire song down to a two channel mix.



As said already,They don’ t need zo be audio tracks explicitely, they just need to “contain” audio in any way.

When I open my batch export on the project I looked at, I have all 63 tracks showing. That includes group tracks, effects, instrument and audio.
If you’re only showing 6 vst tracks, the only thing I can figure is that you don’t have them spread. There’s a little + sign before all the main displays in the batch export. (vsts, audio, fx etc) If you click on the + sign in front of a vst, all the tracks related to that particular vst will display underneath.
As far as the different export tempo, as thinkingcap mentioned, you have a sample rate mismatch.

No, there is no other + sign. I’ve hit them all. What I am trying to do is export the VST tracks out to separate Audio tracks, and of course import those separate audio tracks in. I can do this individually, but not on mass.

Ok, from what I can see, batch export will only populate each “instance” of vst instruments. If you have 1 vst instrument and several midi tracks linked to that one instrument, it’s not going to show those midi tracks as available tracks to export because they are not audio producing tracks. Just the vst instrument that they are linked to is. This goes back to what thinkingcap said about each track having to be “audio” related.

Thanks. So looks like I have my answer. I can’t do a batch export of multiple VST tracks if they are midi tracks. Can with Instrument tracks, but I find instrument tracks limiting in terms of the handling of the VST sound selection, and midi channel. So I half to export each VST track individually. Time consuming, but it works.


With batch export as it is, it’s probably better to think of it by “channels” rather than tracks. If I split my drum track into 5 midi lanes separating the individual hits, I have 5 midi tracks, but it’s still the same audio channel.

You may have to just set things up differently, by outputting each drum to it’s own channel instead (if it’s a multichannel VSTi)

If not, a macro can at least consolidate a few clicks of the mouse, I guess my setting locators, muting/soloing, and activating the export dialogue.

One day, I hope to select anything, click one button, have a dialogue that asks me where to place the audio file, and done.

What instruments are you using? I use the same architecture you’re using on my drums with one instance of Addicive Drums and a separate midi channel for each drum. The difference is, Addictive Drums has a separate output for each drum which translates to separate audio channels. Batch export surely sees all of them.
Option #2. You may not want to use vst instruments because of their limited options but what about using 1 midi track per vst track? Each midi track would have it’s own instance of vst track. It would eat up more asio and ram but they would all be seen in the batch export. This is provided your computer has the horsepower to do so.

Using a lot of Stylus RMX, Omnisphere, Halionsonic, and few lesser assorted VST’s.

Sounds like those would eat up some asio if you piled up too many instances but again, if you have enough processor, it’s still a viable option.