Batch Exporting numerous clips

I’ll be needing to batch export many audio clips after recording vo/dialog. What’s the best way to do this? I’ve thought of 2 ways:

Create a cycle marker around every part (maybe use a macro for this?) and name it. Now Nuendo can batch export each cycle marker.


Bounce each part (so I can rename it without affecting other parts) and use MEAP ( to export the parts automatically.

I’d like to just stick with Nuendo and use the cycle markers, but naming the actual parts seems more organized to me. Thoughts?

*Also, is there a limit on how many cycle markers you can create? I’m not sure how many I’ll need but I’m sure the count will be very high.

That’s what I do. On a Mac, so can’t use MEAP; not certain what advantages it might offer.

Fredo offered a cycle marker-creating-by-event macro that semi-automates the process. Definitely a step in the right direction; it’s been very helpful to me. Not a perfect solution, but speeds things up a bunch.

Name: Multiple Cycle Markers

Navigate - Right
Transport - Locators to Selection
Marker - Insert and name Cycle Marker

Good luck!

Thanks Chewey and Fredo. Ended up using this macro:

split range
insert & name cycle marker

Nuendo made it a breeze to export all the little bits of audio with proper names. Nice!