Batch exporting stems with solo defeat enabled doesn't work properly (BUG?)

I do a lot of ad music and exporting stems is a regular part of the job. Clients usually like 2-popped stems. With the batch export feature in 11, I could have a 2 pop on its own track that had solo defeat enabled (so it stays soloed as Cubase soloes the tracks to export them). In Cubase 12, the solo defeated track does NOT stay soloed when these stems bounce, therefore requiring me to add a 2 pop individually to each track before or after I bounce the stems. This is a huge time waster for me. Anyone found work around? I feel like this is a bug.

Could be. Can you create a precise repro in this format?

Isn’t mine in that format?? It’s in Cubase category with issue tag. Couldn’t find another post with this specific issue. Or am I missing something?

You are using uncommon names and terms. It’s unclear what you mean.

Do you mean “Solo Defeat”?

they means

Ah yes… solo defeat. Sorry. I’m going to correct my post.

To add some more evidence - I tried batch export again on a couple of other audio/buss tracks that had corresponding MIDI tracks that triggered effects on their respective plugins. For example, I had a MIDI track that was triggering a glitch effect in Artillery on a drum buss. In Cubase 11, I just put those MIDI tracks in solo defeat mode and when I export stems with the batch export tool, the MIDI channels reliably trigger the effects on the plugin. In Cubase 12, this does not work; the MIDI’s solo defeat mode is not properly functioning on export. Same when I had a vocoder on an audio track and had a separate MIDI track playing the chords into it. When the vocoder track exported, it was silent.

Edit: My post has been modified to reflect the proper terminology!

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I edited it. Everything should be correct terms now.

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This is still broken on 01-18-23.

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Do we know if this is still broken? 12/05/23

Still no news on this sudject with cubase 13??

Following here. I use solo defeat for similar reasons and I haven’t noticed a problem yet.
So you’re saying you want a specific track to stay open when you’re soling other tracks right? And this isn’t working as expected?
Does it visually look right? And it’s just the exported file that is missing the pop?