Batch Exporting Through Stereo Out?


Was reading through the manual and googling for the past half hour… I want to know if when using the Channel Batch Export mode, if there’s a way to export Groups through the Processing that I have on the Stereo Output?

Im taking a nice shot in the dark that when Batch export is printing, it’s not going through the stereo out. (i’d be furious if it did).

One solution I came up with is to copy and paste the Stereo Out Effect chain onto each group track that I want to export and then just use the Channel Batch Export normally. Just really need to remember to remove those plugins immediately after

Im hoping theres a more elegant routing method to doing this :laughing:

Thanks for readin’

The Stereo Out is a bottleneck so can only have one set of signals going through at any one time. However you can create extra output channels, stereo or mono and clone the inserts to them. Don’t forget to reroute the groups. I have not done this myself, but there is no reason to suggest it can’t be done.

Thats what I thought. I think making a bunch of output channels for rendering out 7 groups is silly if i can just process the groups on their own.

oh well. I better make a habit of putting the Stereo Out processing on the groups, and then immediately off once rendered.