Batch exporting with vst's using group channels help

HI everyone,

How would you go about batch exporting when I have vst in group channels?. So if i need to make stems I usually just solo my folder tracks ( ex. strings, Horns, perc etc) and export into stems that way.

I wanted to take advantage of cubases batch exporting feature though. With that I can easily set the folder name, naming scheme etc etc. Very convenient!

However in order to do that I need to have group tracks instead( which are extremely useful). The problem im running into is with my vst’s. You have to point the WHOLE vst to a group channel and cant point individual vst channels to a group channel. So in some vsts I might have some channels that are percussive, while others are textural. Well i’d have to point the entire vst to a group channel and it defeats the purpose. So for my strings channel I use Kontakt strings and PLAY strings together. Both vsts would have to run to that group channel. But what if in kontakt I want to run a drums vst as well, too bad? I’d have to set up a separate instance of kontakt all together?

Would i simply have to just render all midi tracks to audio? It seems thats the best way to go about this. Any help would be much much appreciated. Thanks!

Would be nice to have a single export via group fuction…

But see, thats what groups are there for… To group… Not to effect singularly

consider this-

  • it would take a long time, as each track would have to be passed through the group in sequence
  • the sound would be different because the group would be proccessing the individual track and not all tracks together

Dont have a good solution for you…

I run into this kind of dilemma too from time to time… I think you’ve kind of answered your own question to some extent…
I look through what’s going where and export groups that are ‘discrete’ and then individual files for things that share buses… or as you say to be fully ‘boots and braces’ individual tracks might be the way to go.

Someone much smarter than me might have a better answer though…