batch freeze please

when it’s time to do vocals I temporarily freeze everything and set my latency as low as possible, it would be nice if there was 1 button that freezes all instruments and effects, it would save me a lot of time. batch freeze.

no my computer isn’t too old but I like to use oversampling now that more plugs have it as an option, etc…

and while I’m here, edit in place should show a Drum Map when you’re using a drum map!

Would like that too!
Cheers, Matze!

I agree completely.

It may be a VSTi Issue but my macbook also often runs into situations, where even the highest buffer settings doesn’t play clear anymore (and not that I overload it with plugins).

BatchFreeze is an excellent Idea.


I agree!


+1 for batch freezing

re: the 2nd point, how would a drum map be shown as edit in place?

Isn’t the only time the drum map is shown, is when you enable it in the inspector and it takes the place of the key editor by default (key editor is still there of course).

Would be handy, only… batch freeze on selected tracks so I can choose what tracks get frozen

Or it pops up a list of freezable tracks and I can tick the tracks I want included.


I’ll toss my hat into this ring too… there are a few times where I could have taken advantage of this… and thinking forward, even with more and more RAM, there will be other times. :slight_smile:

And for Tony, can we please make them movable? :wink:

I’ve always wanted a key command for freeze. Bear in mind I’m on SX3 so it might be in C5. If that was available it would be possible to select the required tracks and simply hit the key command.

Can’t be hard to implement surely

yes, so after you enable it in the inspector you should see a miniature version of a drum map when using EIP. It should have been this way from the start when they introduced EIP.

why was this topic moved to the lounge? is that where feature requests go now?

I guess they moved it because this definitely won’t be in C6 so they don’t like requests like this.

exactly, just like batch export except…


A bit more versatility surely could not go astray in this area.

Strength in numbers, there have been many times I wanted to hit the batch freeze button, and still be able to move my tracks, oh well.