batch freeze

Batch freeze would be a nice feature… Logic has a cool freeze function… you just arm any track you want for freeze (can arm multiple) hit play and the song zips quickly one pass and all armed tracks are now frozen…

Were as in Cubendo you’ve got to manually freeze each track one by one.

The only tracks that I Freeze are the VSTi from Samplemodleing, because they tend to cause click and pops in very dense MIDI orchestration. I put them all in the same instance of Kontakt, so that it is a one click operation.

I think that the idea of just selecting tracks (or even a dialogue) to batch freeze is a good idea, but it may well be that freeze is being used less and less, so SB might not think it is worth the trouble.



I’m talking about exactly the same ever since “Freeze” made it into Nuendo.

It’s would think itd be relatively easy to code up a simple interface to script multi track freeze. And when I’m maxing out 3 uad2 quads it’s time to freeze.

Plus the competition (logic) has this feature. I think that makes it pretty damn important.

And when I’m maxing out 3 uad2 quads it’s time to freeze.


what are you doing? manleys on each track?!??

Studer …? :wink: