Batch Generate Peak Files

Hello all,

Is it possible to generate peak files for large batches of files (+20,000 audio files) in an automated way using Wavelab’s Batch Processor? If not, would it be possible to have Wavelab open up each audio file, generate it’s peak file, then close using a script of some sort to achieve similar results? Any hints much appreciated!



this is perhaps possible in the Wavelab Windows Scripting function using VBScript i.e. to loop through all the files and open and close each one, though I can’t confirm this will generate the peak files. Or a slow & crude way could be to bulk insert them into a montage or open them in the wav editor - this will create the peak files. I couldn’t see a way to generate the peak files just buy scanning them in the Batch Processor e.g. using “no audio output” or an analyse plug in- these don’t actually generate the peak file. You could use the Batch Processor to overwrite the files i.e. don’t re-name them and set the output to be “source path” and file formats to “as source” so as not to change them, though I would understand your reluctance to do this. This will work if the “create peak files” option is ticked.


@dmarcus: why do you need that?

Thats for the response! We are performing quality control on over a decades-worth of archival audio preservation master files which requires manually opening up each file. Currently, a tremendous amount of time is wasted waiting for the peak files to be generated for each file and it would make our workflow much more efficient if the peak files could be created in a batch over the course of a few days.

I would recommend you to work on a system with an SSD, because peak file creation is extremely fast then.