Batch import window reappears after import. Why?

Been using Halion 4.5.2 to import my Gigastudio sample library. When it’s finished importing, I get the standard dialog that says “Batch Import Complete”. I can select “Ok” or “Detailed Report”. I select “Ok” and it opens the batch import dialog again. I select “cancel” and it comes up again. When I select “cancel” again it goes away. The sample seems to have imported fine. It’s available in the library and plays fine.

But am I missing some important step?

Is this a bug?


Is there no longer any support for this product? (That I’ve just purchased) I’ve always thought Steinberg did a good job of being attentive in the forums. I guess there isn’t many users of this product here.

(cue the lonely wind sound and fade in the cobwebs)

Steinberg support contact details are here. The forum offers user-to-user support, so my guess is nobody else has had your specific problem.

I’ve seen this too, nothing to worry about though, just a tiny bug as far as I can tell, doesn’t seem to affect anything.