Batch inject .bwf metadata from text file?


I have a folder with a lot of sound effects and a text file (also .xls if that helps).
I need to batch inject the descriptions into the broadcast wave descriptions.
Is this possible with WL 8?


I don’t see a way to do this.
How is the XLS structured, that is, how to map a given file name to a given meta data.

Well the idea would be:

The first file in the list gets the first cell of data, the second file gets the second cell…
I am only trying to apply changes to the description inside the bwav to make them searchable in the Nuendo Media Bay. This would be very much like a batch rename only with the description field in the metadata.

Very much like
(only for Mac users as well…)


With WaveLab’s batch processor, you can update a given meta-data field with a given new source data, in multiple files. But the new source data is the same for all files. In your case, you would like to import some external data, one different for each file. Right?
This would be an interesting thing to do, though I would imaging reading some XML file rather than XLS. I willl keep this idea in mind.


This would be great for those of us who need to import data that is externally generated or part of the pre-mastering process.
As a reference BWF Metaedit allows you to import a .csv with RIFF info to the full filename/path of the audio.

So far I can’t see a way to copy this RIFF data across to ID3.
I’m very new to WL8 and still getting my head around it so this could just be my problem…
Thanks, Bolla

For labels and publishers this is actually a pretty big challenge, so it may be worth considering as a new feature. For instance, we have hundreds of files in the cloud that can ingest/process metadata this way on the fly, and tag it to files as you download them; we could use this functionality locally for loose WAVs and MP3s - sometimes we send piles of them to music supers, and we may only change one field (like contact, or songwriters or UPC or ISRC of release), or we add style descriptors to each file. Spreadsheets are the way to go for the data entry, but not the tagging.

Not especially useful for casual users or artists, but very useful in production environments. Wavelab 8’s workspaces are already uniquely attractive, with all the batch features, seperate montage and file munging etc, so this is a market you guys already appeal to.

I think both Qoobar and Media Monkey can do this from the encoded wav file itself, but I’m not sure about the import and export of .csv, text, etc. in those.