Batch Marker Region Export with Macros / Script ?

Been having a google about and can’t work out how to do this, so hoping I might get some advice!

Just started working somewhere where I can’t use my own software, and have once again been unable to justify the additional cost of Nuendo just for a couple of small - if exceedingly useful - features, so I have been given a Cubase license.

One thing that REALLY affects my workflow is the lack of batch marker export in Cubase. When you’re making sound effects, being able to name them in cycle markers, having loads in the project and then being able to export the lot with their filenames based on the marker region name is a HUGE timesaver.

I understand that perhaps I can do this in Cubase with MEAP, but before I fork out on that I’d like to see if I can just do it myself.

So, any way I can batch export marker regions, naming the audio file after the marker region, using the tools available within cubase itself?