Batch not inserting File Name in Metadata


I have set up a Batch to merge metadata information: first remove previous entry in the RIFF ISRF field and then insert the name of the resulting file:

ISRF: #Remove#@NameExt@

The result I get is that the previous entry is successfully removed, but then a long hexadecimal value followed by “.$$$” is inserted rather than the name of the file.

As an experiment I tried #Remove#@SrceNameExt@ which resulted in an empty ISRF field instead of the source file name. Also tried the “without extension” variation which behaved the same.

Thanks for any guidance.

ISRF: #Remove#@NameExt@ works ok here entered as the only thing in the Batch metadata. But only if I select Merge on the batch Format tab. Also using “Wav Default” factory preset as the File Format.

Like you, I couldn’t get #Remove#@SrceNameExt@ or @SrceNameExt@ to work properly at all.

Seems like one can possibly get a lot of complicated results, since you can also have metadata selections in the File Format. That’s why I switched to the Wav Default, but even then it’s a lot to consider, because that inherits by default.

Hopefully PG can shed some light on the @SrceNameExt@ thing, and the results you’re getting.

Just to eliminate one thing, @SrceName@ and @SrceNameExt@ don’t seem to work at all. That seems like a bug.

PG, for @NameExt@, I don’t know why WYCA seems to be getting a temp file name for @NameExt@ (isn’t that what xxxx.$$$ is? A temp file name?). I can’t reproduce that. @Name@ and @NameExt@ always give me the correct output wav file name into the RIFF field.

I can’t imagine why a temp file name is being generated in a batch if the output is definitely .wav (definitely wav, since there’s RIFF). The only place I’ve seen temp file names is when rendering to “unnamed file”.

I haven’t yet looked at this issue, but I already know the @Srce… tags are not working and that will need a fix.

Concerning the .$$$ stuff, that is the sign that WaveLab is taking into account a temporary file. Why so? I would need to know better the context: what type if the input file? (wav, mp3?) And is it already opened in WaveLab when doing the batch process?

I gave it another try, this time making sure the audio files were not open anywhere else. The source files are 2496 mono wav. I am using Windows 7pro/64bit and WaveLab 9.1.

My goal is to rename the file itself and then MERGE that file name into the RIFF ISRF field. The file renaming part works beautifully. But I still am getting this unexpected temp file entry (see attached pic). I also tried deactivating the file renaming part of the batch in case that was affecting things, but I get the same result.

I can’t seem to attach the batch preset in this post nor in a PM to PG. I keep getting an “invalid extension” message. I tried zipping but no success their either. What’s the secret :stuck_out_tongue:


UPDATE: tried this batch on a different computer installed with same version of Windows & WaveLab. Everything worked as expected on that machine. Since Bob99 had success on his DAW, too, I will presume there is something not right with my first DAW. Maybe the OS is missing an update or something.

Now that I have the @NameExt@ functioning I have observed another behavior:

My understanding is that, when MERGE’ing metadata, if the new Batch preset has no entry in a field then the previous entry will remain unchanged. This is what I am seeing for all the metadata field of my files except the Loudness & True Peak Values. These values are being cleared/removed leaving an empty field. I also noted that the file’s bext format, as observed in BWF MetaEdit, changes from 2 to 1.

A workaround is to have the Batch regenerate the Loudness values. But I want to be sure I am not misunderstanding the logic of Batch MERGE.


FOLLOW UP: after performing some Windows maint & updates the @NameExt@ is functioning on that misbehaving computer.