Batch process for all files in project ? (SP10pro)

I’m absolutely loving Spectral 10 pro , ive started importing into 1 project approx 50 audio files that all need cleaning , all from the same source , i have the option of rendering them altogether and denoise speech in one which will put quite a lot of strain on the cpu, or im just wondering if there would be a way to batch process the single samples in SL10 ? . If not could this be possible to implement in a future version ? (11/12)


Not in 10, but this will certainly be considered for 11.

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Nice , cheers Robin


Read THIS and let me know what you think?

I wasn’t thinking anything fancy , anything that would take a long time to implement , just tick boxes to batch process the process you have open so if you have a 50 min audio sample slices and they all need the same processing you could just select the tracks and let it process


Right! But remember it’s better to solve many problems at once (and potentially foresee future problems now) rather than implementing a quick fix only to realize there will be many problems down the road.

The way I explained (with groups) solves many problems at once. The main developer could add a batch proces task to the process menu, however the end user might be in a situation where they want to batch process a bunch of audio files (but because AS-OF-RIGHT-NOW spectralayers deals with projects in a non-modal way) they might be jammed up and have to wait for the process to finish to begin working on another project within spectralayers.

Also with the idea of treating groups as ONE merged layer, it would be much simpler to implement a tree trunk of batch processes that can process tasks at any specific order you choose. For example, in a tree branch you have tree roots and the roots sprout out and creates a tree (like the idea of a genealogy tree or a family tree). If the main developer treated groups as ONE merged encapsulated layer (with the option to unmerge or un-capsulate), you could potentially run many tasks (such as denoise + unmix + remove unwanted tone with the eraser tool + move to layer below) simultaneously alongside each other back-to-back in a batch process manner.

Problems ? only negative people think problems . I’ll leave it to Robin to implement the way he feels will work , thats good enough for me

Exactly. Im actually trying to help @Robin_Lobel

If @Robin_Lobel adds a batch process fix now, I can foresee users requesting batch processing multiple processes at once and then someone is going to request batch processing in structal order. Then it’s going to become a never ending cycle of requests of features/fixes that never ends.

I foresee the mistakes/errors that a quick batch processing feature will create and my intention is to help. If batch processing is done in groups, it solves many problems at once and prevents the developer of being burned out (trying to fix every users requests) and frees the developer to work on other tasks and put resources towards other issues.

The way batch processing is achieved in most MSS applications is you select an Input folder of multiple source files you want unmixed and an output folder where the input track name becomes the folder name for each track’s stems in the output folder. I usually work with a project file per track even if demixing an album so that would be a cool feature to have each project file created in the same folder as an option rather than all opening up in SL10 or nothing opening at all.

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