Batch process help

I’d like to know if the following scenario is possible to do with wavelab.

Lets say I have a huge amount of tracks with all the same lenght. Lets say 3 minutes.
I want to cut out a certain area in this wav tracks. Lets say 1:30 - 1:35
Can I do it once and let wavelab do the same action for the other wav files of the same lenght?

No, you can cut head and tail, but not in the middle.

Actually, there is maybe a way, using the AutoSplit tool. One would need to experiment:

  1. Mode “All files in folder”
  2. Learn regions from a text file: you would set eg. 0-1:30 and 1:35-10:00
  3. Remove audio outside regions

In theory this should work, but this special sequence was never tested.

Thanks for your answer.
Actually I want to keep only the bit in the middle, the 5 seconds.
So it is cut off head and tail then?
How would that work?

Sorry if I wasn’t clear, enough. I wanted to post in the german wavelab forum, but it didn’t work somehow.

Then using the following 2 plugins should do the job:
Trimmer followed by Resizer:

Thanks. I think I can’t find it cause I only have W7 essential.

Is there a way in essential where I can just type in the time range manually?

No, sorry, the Audio Range editor is only in WaveLab.