Batch Process Loudness Normalizer Malfunction?

Hello All,

The Loudness Normalizer is simply not correcting the file I am running through it to the level I have specified. I have changed all kinds of settings, including the gain in, and it’s staying 1.5 dB LUFS below my target. I did the same process via the Edit window and it worked perfectly. This has never happened before.

Any thoughts?

No problem here. Double-check your settings.
Note: if you want too much loudness, the tool might not be able to obtain it (clipping protection).

Thanks, PG. I have double-checked my settings many times and altered them. It’s unpredictable with this program material moreso than typical.

To clarify, I run processes for tens of thousands of files and have for years using this tool. I’m not sure what’s going on. And why would the non-batch version do this effortlessly?

How can I find if the clipping protection is being activated and what can I do to solve that? The target level is -23 LUFS.

Thank you,

The clipping is checked automatically by the processor. But if your target is -23 LUFS, that can’t be the problem, because clipping can’t happen (unless your file is somehow damaged).

Are you using WaveLab 11.0.30 ?
Send me your batch processor file, so that I have a look.

Thanks, PG - I will do that via PM. And yes I was thinking the same regarding clipping at that low level.

I did find a workaround - I allowed the normalizer to turn down peaks by -3. This solved the issue, however, I do want to note the following:

-The same exact settings were used when processing the same exact file in the Edit window, and it yielded perfect results.

-This has not been an issue before, perhaps because the previous audio was more balanced to begin with, with lower peaks? Not dramatically transient, but there must be more in this audio.

My potential takeawy: Is the reduction of peaks amount on a per-pass basis, or in total throughout all passes? If it is in total for the Batch processor, but per pass in the Edit processor, this would potentially make sense.

Thank you,

Note sure what you mean. This happens only once if multiple passes are done. But if you reduce to -23 dB, there should not be more than one pass.
Anyway, the editor version and batch processor versions are meant to behave the same.