Batch Process Template

Is it possible to save a Batch Process Workspace as a template? I have three batch processes setup to dither and transcode files to 96_24, 44_16 and mp3. I’d like to save all three as a single template that I can call up each time I need to transcode our archival files.

Anh thoughts and comments are appreciated.



This is not directly possible, yet you can do this: open your desired file, then call:
Later you can use the Import sub menu to load the 3 files in one operation.

Another possibility would be to save a global window layout, with these options:
But that will also include other workspace files, and this you might not like.

I have just spent the last 3 or 4 hours trying to save batch process templates in Wavelab 10. I know this is WaveLab 8 forum but trying to find a way to save my patch process.
Wavelab Pro 10 Batch Process.png