Batch Process wav to mp3 time-length errors

Did a search and no luck:
WL8.0 export a five minute wave file to mp3 vbr results in a file that in various Windows 10 audio players (Groove and Media Player) indicate the file while playing back is over twenty-eight minutes in time/length. The file plays back ok.

Does anyone know the cause of this issue? On my system this is not a new problem but I’ve ignored it in the past however sending the files to others causes alarm.

The file does not contain a time table. Hence the file length to display is guessed by the players.
Don’t use vbr if you want to be on the safe side.

Thanks for the fast response Philippe. VBR sounds “better” if there is such a thing in the mp3 world.

VBR only sounds better compared to lower bitrate CBR MP3s. If you use 320 kbps CBR you have constant highest ‘quality’ - but indeed also a relatively big file.

Thanks Arjan