Batch processing, how we can use these presets

Hi, inside the cubase preferences folder there’s a folder “presets”
In that presets folder there’s another folder called “Batch Processes”
and, in the folder batch processes are some goodies like:

Denoise - Normalize 0 dB
Remove DC offset - Normalize -3 dB
Resample 44.1kHz to 48kHz
Resample 48kHz to 44.1kHz

I would like to know how we can use that kind of Batch processing.
I don’t find it,…. no menu in Cubase,… nothing about Batch Processes in the operation manual.

And is there a way to create (set-up) that kind of Batch processing?

I know about macro’s but Batch processing seems a little different to me.

Thank you,

I was wondering the same thing. So, is this is only a Nuendo thing or is it possible in Cubase as well?

it might be something to do with the audiopool as you can select multiple files and process them ie resample them.