Batch Processing Latency?

When batch processing samples, on some i get this latency where the sample starts late and ends up being abruptly cut in the end… im not using any hardware only a couple of UAD plugs running on a PCI card.

Ive been scratching my head, checked all the usual things audio interface settings etc… still get this. :question:

Is there anyone who experinced similar difficulties?
Can somebody suggest anything?

Thanks in advance!

Best guess is that one of your plugins does not declare its latency correctly. Because latency compensation in WaveLab is automatic.

Thanks for you answer Philippe.
Is this a known problem with UAD?
Why dont i have this problem on DSP Quattro, Ableton or Logic?
What should i do to fix this?

No, this is not a general problem with UAD. But maybe with a specific plugin?

Rendering with Elephant (Voxango) results in a 400 ms extended file length. Which is the only plug that I use regularly that produces this … It does not “start late” though.

Ok. I changed plugins still happens sometimes… So i cant use some of my UAD plugins with Wavelab? :frowning:

Which UAD plugins are you using when it does this? Maybe someone here could try it if they have the same plugins. If that doesn’t work out, you could ask UAD to test it in Wavelab.

I can test on Mac if you tell me what UAD plugins and workflow you use with the Batch Converter.

How much time is getting cut off of your file to produce an abrupt ending?