Batch Processing Metadata - not working

Hello there,

I would need some help in inputing the metadata. I have some mastered wav files, for which I need to input very simple metadata, and a picture.

The manual says that you can batch process metadata in Wavelab. So I opened a batch processor, selected the folder to batch process, then I went to the metadata window, recalled the preset I previously created, and run the batch process. But nothing was written into the files so I was wondering what I’ve been doing wrong. Also, the metadata preset I created has the title field blank so I was wondering if there’s a way to connect the title in the metadata to the filename.

Any help would be a life saver.


In the batch, lower left, Format tab, do you have the Batch Metadata selection set to “Ignore”, because if so you need to change that. Also to get the source file name, modify your preset to set the Title to the Auto Variable Code - File (Source) - Name without extension.