batch processing not working - disc is supposedly full

I tried on 2 computers:
I get always a message after the first file that it can not be renamed. Disc is full.
Of course I tested different sources. Even if I start as an administrator.
It does not matter whether I address local drives or network drives.
Yesterday everything still worked with 9.5

We need batch processing 24/7 - and nothing works anymore.

I need to know what plugins and above all what options you use, because here with my test batch processors, I have no problem.
Maybe simply send me a batch processor, hence I can check your settings.


It is the integrated Pan Normalizer.
And I use the option to overwrite the files.

And I use the option to overwrite the files.

Indeed, that the option that causes the problem. It will be fixed for 10.0.10.

Also possibly related to the issues reported here…