Batch processing problem

@Robin_Lobel - first time using the Batch process in SL11. (Windows 11)

As a test I imported a single flac file so I could use Unmix Crowd . This worked very well indeed!

I went on and tried the batch process - since I have 20 such files to process.
I dragged all the files into the Batch process window, and also added the Module Unmix Crowd to the Module chain.

When I press Process I get this error message for each file :
and then

Indeed, the layer(***).pcm files are not created in that directory - and so it all fails for each file. What am I doing wrong - or is this a bug?

Yes known issue that’s also fixed with the patch coming next week.
Meanwhile, instead of drag & dropping files to the dialog, click “Add Files…”.

Yep - that works - thanks @Robin_Lobel .

However I expected an *.slp file for each flac file with the two extracted layers so I could easily apply the volume envelope on the Crowd noise rather than the two files “Crowd.wav” and “Foreground.wav”.

Is there an easy way to do this rather than importing both these wav files to create a new *.slp in each case?
If not, then perhaps creating an *.slp could be a feature request for the next patch?

Good idea, I’ll see if this can make it to patch 1…

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