Batch Processor corrupting pitch data

HI! My first post in a long time.
I use Wavelab 10.6 in a sample creation project. I use the batch processor quite a bit to do various things. When the Wav’s are finished and loaded back into the sampler (MPC Live or Logic) the root keys all get put to C3.
Am I missing something or is this a bug? It seems to be random.
Thanks for any assistance!

You mean, you process audio files that have proper root keys, and they loose this information, when the files are processed through the batch processor?
If yes, can you see the right root key if you open these processed files in WaveLab?

Hi, and thanks for being here! I load files with proper root keys- run them- results are seemingly random. Some files retain the info, others will have root note changed, but mostly the octave gets changed by 2- sometimes lower, sometimes higher.
Sometimes all is fine. I have a 2015 mbp with Catalina and a UAD system.
Thanks! David

Please provide me with a sample file where the key is lost (the file before and after)

HI Pierre- Here are 2 files, pre and post. In the batch, I used stock plugs- compress and eq. Batch results show maybe half of the files
have lost the pitch ##.
Thanks for your help! I have used Wavelab since the early versions and it is a large part of my work :slight_smile:

(Attachment POSTMK Earache-023 B_2.wav is missing)

(Attachment PREMK Earache-023 B_2.WAV is missing)

Well, That didn’t work. Is there a way to upload those files here, or how do I get them to you, Pierre?

OK- I missed the ‘no audio files’ thing- here is a zip

audio (406 KB)

I note that the “pre” file has a mistake in its header. WaveLab reports an error about that.
The “post” file (rewritten) by WaveLab, has removed this error.
But the most important point is maybe this one: the (post) file is saved while you have the RF64 option checked in Audio Files Preferences. This is fully legal, but maybe your sampler device does not like this.
Therefore try again with this option OFF. Because the “post” file still has the root key embedded in it.

Thank you for pointing this out. I have been using MPC Live for this project and it must be responsible for any bad headers. After running files through Wavelab thus repairing them, if I run them through the MPC and resave, load to WL- bad headers again. I’ll try investigating that, tho they don"t seem responsive.
Thanks again, Pierre!