Batch processor crashes

I would like to resample some files with Steinberg’s resampler plugin, but Batch Processor keeps crashing.

Wavelab: 10.0.70
Scheme: Full Multi Core Empty
Mac OS X: 11.5.1 (Big Sur)

Is there any solution or workaround for this bug?

Please describe more accurately what you are doing, because normally there is no issue here.

Also, if you post the actual crash report, that will help. On MacOS, crash reports are found here:


You should see some recent crashes with WaveLab in the name.

WaveLab Pro 10.0_2021-07-28-182629_iMacPro.crash (99.3 KB)

OK, what I am doing is the following:

  • Open Wavelab Pro
  • Create an empty batch processor based on the Full Multi Core template
  • Add Resampler as a Batch plugin
  • Drop source files from Finder to the right window
  • Set Output folder as an explicit path
  • File format is Wav default, but change Single Format sample rate to 44.100 Hz and Bit Depth to 16
  • Push the Start button
  • Wavelab crashes

Thanks for the crash log. It shows indeed a crash inside WaveLab.
However, I still can’t produce it, even with your description.
Please save and attach your batch processor file to your message.

batch (1.5 KB)

Please find the attached file.

Thanks. There is something missing internally from this batch processor.
To solve the problem, you simply have to double-click on the resampler plugin, then close it.
Then save the montage. From now on you are safe to run.

On my side, I will have to find how this situation could happen.

Thank you!