Batch Processor Displays Error Incorrectly?

Hi …

I have a series of simple batch processors that have been brought over from WL9.5

One of these simply trims 9ms from the end of files (9ms is added by SaraCon in Windows).

It only trims (Trimmer) and overwrites the existing file. It does not rename it or change anything else.

This has worked flawlessly since the beginning of batch processors’ introduction to WL.

In my first WL10 project, this displays an error on execution. There are two error messages presented:

‘Error reported by Master Section. An error has occurred. The operation was cancelled’. To allay any doubt, the master section is completely empty.

In a second error message pane ‘The file could not be renamed. Make sure the disk is not write-protected and that the file is not already opened’. To allay any doubt … the batch process name scheme is ‘unchanged name’ and none of the files are open.

If a different destination folder is nominated … so that the files are not overwritten … the same Batch Processor works as expected.

So, the issue seems to be with the files being overwritten.

Permissions have been checked and are as expected (evidenced by WL9.5 processing the same command without issue).

The same batch process with the same files in the same Project .wpr in WL9.5 runs perfectly.

I’m puzzled.

I think I saw PG has already noted a problem to be fixed with Batch Processing, when trying to overwrite files…

Ahh thank you … I checked the ‘bug reports’ before posting but missed this. My error message panes are different though.