Batch Processor plugins explained

Hello experts.

Cubase includes a manual that explains every knob of all the VST plugins. But Wavelab includes no such document (and I could’nt find one on steinberg’s website either), so:

  1. Where can I find a user guide for every plugin? I´m specially clueless about monopass, multipass and metapass plugins
  2. In the PLUGINS window that is used for adding plugins to a batch processor, some of these plugins appear in yellow letters. Why? What does that mean?

The ones showing in yellow in my computer are:

  1. Monopass: trimeer, delay next, audio analyzer, audio injector, fade in, instructor
  2. Multipass: Fade out, Stereo to mono
  3. Meta pass: meta leveler and loudness meta normalizer


There is documentation:

Awesome!!! Thank you PG!!

What do you know about these yellow ones?

These plugin are specific to the batch processor.