Batch Processor's plug-ins edit window position

When I put a plug-in into the Batch Processor’s plug-in chain, it opens the edit window at the middle of the main monitor in a dual monitor setup, and if I move it, close it then reopen it, it opens at the main monitor, all the same.

As I use my main monitor for the Control Window, with the Master Section and meters, it is a nuisance, because it just goes behind the meters, and I have to switch them off, in order to see the plug-in’s window . If I open the same plug-in in the Master Section, I can move the edit window to the secondary monitor and it’s position is saved, so next time it is opened at the right position.

A position memory or a function to put the plug-in window to “stay on top” status would be very useful.
I use Wavelab 7.2 on Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.

Update. I’ve just checked, and even in the montage workspace, the plug-ins’ window position behavior is normal, that is, the position is saved.

This is an anomaly, to be corrected. For the time being, you should better move the batch window on the main screen, before editing it.