Batch Project Creation from raw audio files

It would be great if there were quicker ways to create new projects from files both outside of cubase or within.

If Cubase isn’t open already, dragging a compatible audio file onto the cubase icon on your desktop, should boot Cubase, and give an option dialog box “Import into Cubase default project” or “Import into Cubase using template”.

If Cubase is already open, drag an dropping a file to the Cubase Windows bar could do the same.

Also a way to do this with multiple files would be great. “Create multiple projects”

This would allow you to select multiple files in a a folder on your computer, and Cubase would use each file name as each project folder name and project cpr name, thne you choose the master destination where all the individually created projects-per-file will go.

I often have 20 rough cell phone recordings of songs to import into separate projects. Obviously, currently, I just import them all into one project, mute them all, then create a template. Or I create a Library which I leave open as I create new projects. But there’s still extra work involved here.