Batch reduce rests?

When I import a quantized MIDI file, I have lots of rests. Eighths and 16ths especially. To clean up the notation, I have to manually go through and increase the note values to fill the rests. I can’t batch the note durations, because they aren’t consistently short.

I’d like to request a “Reduce Rests” feature that detects rests in a given selection, and lengthens the notes preceding them to eliminate the rests.

In the meantime, can anyone suggest a way to hack this as a batch? Somehow using the Filter Rests? I can’t come up with anything… and it’s very time-intensive.


I don’t think this would be couched in terms of “reducing rests” but more in terms of lengthening notes so that they abut. However, I can’t think of a quick way to do this at the moment, I’m afraid.