Batch rename iXML or BWF


I am desperately looking for a way to add the field or the Bwav Metadata value sTRK1…x to a filename.

Since Nuendo 8 still cannot display field recorder track names ( :smiling_imp: ) I am looking for a way to add this specific field to the filename, so that I will be able to see it in the timeline.

This topic causes tons of grief for me, since it recurrs with every session I work in and therefore any help would be hugely apprechiated! Thanks.


Isn’t it you who first asked for this feature? This feature was added in 9.5.20/25, hence you can already use it:
Here in the Naming Scheme:

Here in the Renaming System:

Yes it was me. And I must admit that I have been too stupid to find it.
Thanks, so much, you don’t know how much this means to me!
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