Batch renaming doesn't work (upper-case/lower-case)

Got a bunch of files (thousands) that I need to rename and find a common nomenclature for use in a library. However, Wavelabs’ great batch renaming tool just doesn’t work here.

My first step would be to simply transform every file with a certain ending into lower-case letters. There’s not much one can do wrong here I think, also the preview shows exact the result I’m going for. When I hit ‘apply’ nothing happens.

The files are not write-protected or something. Anything else in my way I don’t see? Or is the function just broken? Wavelab Pro 9.5.35.

Edit: tested other renaming tasks - they all work, just upper-case/lower-case letters seem broken…

It’s a known bug that will be fixed in 9.5.40. Thanks for the report anyway.

Ah, great! I’ve been helping myself meanwhile with some freeware for ‘lower-casing’ :wink: