Batch renaming question

Hi folks,
I’m still slowly wrapping my head around Wavelab so please forgive me if this is a stupid question. Often when I buy songs online, they come named something like this:

“Band Name - Record Name - Track 1”
“Band Name - Record Name - Track 2”
“Band Name - Record Name - Track 3”


Is there a way to do a batch conversion so they would just be:
“Track 1”
“Track 2”

I can achieve it like this:

Hmm…I’m on 9.5. My screen doesn’t look anything like that. I’ll try and see if I can recreate that. Thank you!

To be clear, the “Track 1”, “Track 2”, etc will be actual track names, so I’m basically trying to truncate an x number of characters from the beginning of each file name.

This screen shot has been taken on the current WaveLab 9.5.25, this is the File Name renaming tool.
I understood “track” can mean anything.

Awesome! I was trying to do this in the batch window…didn’t even know there was a file name renaming tool! :smiley:

I was trying to do this in the batch window…

It is possible to access the same dialog from the batch processing tool, if you need to render files under new names.


Thanks so much folks. It worked perfectly. I ended up just counting the number of characters at the beginning and removing them. Cheers!